Exotich fruit

exotich fruit

Hard cherimoyas should be stored at room temperature until they give a little when squeezed, then they should be refrigerated until they're ready to serve. Substitutes: atemoya or sweetsop or soursop (larger) or llama or combine equal parts strawberries, bananas, and pineapple Chinese date (fresh) jujube (fresh) Notes: These are usually dried, but you can sometimes find fresh dates in late summer and fall. . When you get them home, let them ripen on the counter for awhile until they become soft and sweet. Substitutes: apples or prunes chirimolla see cherimoya. Chocolate pudding fruit see sapote. Cooking banana see plantain. Custard apple see cherimoya. Dragon fruit strawberry pear dragon's eyes see longan.

Canistel egg fruit Shopping hints: This is a very sweet fruit, roughly the size of an egg, with a shell the color of an egg yolk. Substitutes: black sapote (not as sweet) or mamey sapote (not as sweet) or sapodilla (not as sweet) or cherimoya (not as sweet) or persimmon (not as sweet) or yams (if the recipe calls for the canistel to be cooked) Capuli see capulin (cherry). Capulin cherry capulin panama berry capuli tropic cherry tropical tintelende cherry substitutes: sweet cherries carissa natal plum Notes: you won't find these in markets, but these tart plums are great for making preserves. According to botanists, though, the grayish "stem" is actually the fruit, and it encloses the kidney-shaped cashew nut that we're familiar with. . The cashew apple is the yellowish-orange part that's attached to the fruit. . Cashew apples are juicy but somewhat astringent due to a high concentration of tannin. . be careful of the grayish fruit that encloses the nut. . It contains toxic oils. Cheremai see otaheite gooseberry. Cherimoya custard apple sherbet fruit chirimolla chirimoya (incorrectly) pawpaw Pronunciation: chair-uh-moy-yuh Notes: This south American tropical fruit is shaped like a pine cone and has a gray-green, scaly skin. The soft white pulp inside has large black (inedible) seeds and tastes like a creamy blend of tropical flavors. .

exotich fruit
there would have a ready source of starch and calories. . Breadfruit is highly perishable, so fresh ones are hard to find outside the tropics. . The canned version is a good substitute. A seeded version is called a breadnut. Substitutes: jackfruit (larger than breadfruit) or plantain (especially for tostones) or potatoes breadnut see breadfruit. Cactus fruit see pitaya. Cactus pear see prickly pear. Caimito see star apple.

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Adam's fig, see plantain. Apple cactus, see pitaya. Substitutes: creme tamarind asam jawa, see tamarind. Atemoya, notes: This cherimoya-sweetsop cross behandeling has sweet custard-like pulp. . look for it in specialty produce markets during the fall. Substitutes: cherimoya or sweetsop or mango barbary fig see prickly pear. Bilimbi substitutes: star fruit black sapote see sapote.

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It can be prepared in a number of ways, including boiled, mashed, pickled and fried, and is used in everything from juice to jams. Photo: Shutterstock, advertisement - continue reading Below, cherimoya. Native to the valleys of Bolivia, colombia and Ecuador—and subsequently grown in Chile and Peru—this oval fruit can weigh up to 5 pounds and consists of a smooth, green skin and plump white inside that's pitted with dark brown seeds (which are not edible). Its flesh is juicy and fragrant, with a custard-like consistency that is said to taste like a mix of banana, passion fruit, papaya and pineapple. It can be cut in half, scooped out and eaten raw, used in salads, puréed and made into mousse, folded into a pie or tart filling, or frozen and eaten like ice cream. Photo: Shutterstock, advertisement - continue reading Below, advertisement - continue reading Below. Salak, native to Indonesia and Malaysia, salak—also known as snake fruit or snakeskin fruit—is the shape and size of a ripe fig but with a pointed tip and brown scaly skin. It's prepared by breaking off the tip and peeling back the skin to reveal three yellowish-white lobes and a dark brown seed. It has a crisp texture and sweet flavor, making it a popular choice for fruit salad.

exotich fruit

In Japan, it is also considered to be a good luck totem for New year's, and is displayed as a decoration in homes. Photo: david Fischer / Getty Images. Monstera deliciosa, advertisement - continue reading Below, advertisement - continue reading Below. Native to mexico and Central America, this shiny plant is largely grown for ornamental purposes, but its fruit, which is shaped like an ear of corn and is the only nonpoisonous creme part of the plant, is popular in the tropics. It takes just over a year for the fruit to ripen; when it does, the scales begin to separate, allowing the white flesh inside to peek through.

Said to taste like a blend of pineapple and banana, it's often eaten fresh, served with a bit of cream, added to fruit cups and ice cream, or used to flavor beverages. Photo: Renee comet / Getty Images. Chayote, native to mexico, this fleshy, pear-shaped plant is also known as vegetable pear, chocho, mirliton and christophene, and belongs to the same family as melons, cucumber and squash. Originally from Central America (it's believed to be native to guatemala specifically the light green fruit is now cultivated throughout Mexico and in certain parts of America. Each fruit can weigh anywhere from 6 ounces to 3 pounds, with flesh that's similar to that of a water chestnut.

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Photo: Shutterstock, advertisement - continue reading Below, advertisement - continue reading Below, ackee, native to west Africa, the ackee is now mostly produced and reviews consumed in the caribbean, particularly in haiti and Jamaica, where it is the national fruit. Measuring up to 4 inches in diameter, this bulbous fruit grows on the evergreen ackee tree. It has a yellow and red leathery skin and must open naturally, at least partially, revealing thick, cream-colored sections attached to three shiny black seeds, before it is removed from the tree. (An unripe ackee can be poisonous when eaten.) The nutty-flavored flesh is often parboiled in salted water or milk and then lightly fried in butter. It's also served with codfish, added to stews, or curried and eaten with rice. Photo: iStockphoto, buddha's Hand, advertisement - continue reading Below, also known as bushukan or fingered citron, this citrus fruit—whose skin somewhat resembles that of a lemon—is native to southwestern China and northeastern India, and looks like a giant-fingered hand or yellow squid. The fruit is in season in winter, and can grow up to 12 inches. When split vertically, it reveals a white, juiceless and often seedless flesh. Prized for its fragrant scent (like that of violets its thick yellow rind is often used to make jam and marinades, to flavor liquors and perfume clothing.

exotich fruit

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Durian, this southeast Asian delicacy is known first and foremost for its potent odor, which is said to be similar to rotting food or garbage. It's so pungent, in fact, that it's banned from certain restaurants and hotels, as the smell can linger for days. The durian tree liquidatie does not bear fruit until it is 15 years old, making its prized crop very expensive—up to 50 per fruit, according. About the size of a volleyball, the fruit's shell is covered in short spikes, and needs to be broken open like a coconut to reach the fleshy middle, which can be eaten raw, but is also used in anything from Malaysian candy and ice cream. Photo: Shutterstock, advertisement - continue reading Below, african Cucumber. Also known as the horned melon, jelly melon, kiwano or hedged gourd, the African cucumber is a vibrant fruit, featuring a mosaic of green and yellow colors on the inside and bright orange on the outside. It originates in the kalahari desert—which spans from central Botswana to west central south Africa and eastern Namibia—but can now be found in California and New zealand. The taste has been compared to cucumber and zucchini, or a mix of banana, cucumber and lemon, and it is often used for decorating platters or as an ingredient in smoothies and sundaes.

Shutterstock, they say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but what about a cherimoya? Never heard of it? Cherimoya is a fruit native to the highlands of south America that Mark Twain once called "deliciousness itself." While you may be a pro when it comes to pears, avocados and kromme mangos, there are plenty of fruits considered delicacies in other countries. From durian to salak, discover 10 exotic fruits that are cherished around the world. Rambutan, advertisement - continue reading Below, this Ping-Pong-ball-size red fruit is indigenous to malaysia, and has also been cultivated throughout Thailand, south vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, India and Sri lanka. It features a thin, leathery skin covered in tiny pinkish hairs for which it is named (in Malay, rambut means hair). A relative of the lychee, it has a white or pinkish flesh on the inside that is described as juicy and sweet. It's often eaten fresh or canned, in salads and, more recently, in high-end cocktails.

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Ababai, pronunciation: abba-bye, notes: Ababais are similar to papayas, only they have their own unique flavor. They're good raw, but they can also be cooked or grilled without losing their shape. . The biggest drawback is that they're as yet hard to find in markets. Substitutes: papaya (This also holds its shape when cooked.) or mango achee, see ackee. Ackee achee akee vegetable brains vegetable egg. Pronunciation: uh-kee, zonen notes: The pulp of this fruit looks and tastes like scrambled eggs when cooked, and Jamaicans like to serve it with salt cod. . look for cans of it in Caribbean markets. Warning: Only the yellow pulp on ripe ackees is edible. . Eating underripe ackees that haven't opened on their own, or eating the pink portion of ripe ackees, can cause vomiting and death.

Exotich fruit
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    Mix the juice of this berry of that with lemons or limes and youll get a delicious drink. The flesh of the cherimoya is of a creamy, custard-like texture which is why this fruit is also referred to as the custard apple. Kiwano Fruit, the spiky and bright yellow/orange skin of kiwano fruit, also known as horned melon, will immediately grab your attention once you see.

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    The kumquat fruit is rich in dietary fiber and loaded with a great variety of minerals and vitamins, such as vitamin C (unsurprisingly magnesium, calcium and potassium. Cupuacu is quite a unique exotic fruit that you wont easily find in the United States, but you may be able to find it in the form of shampoo, lotion, powder, butter or juice if you look hard enough. Kumquats are very similar to oranges in nutritional profile and the way they look, but much smaller. And actually there is, but did you know that this range is only the tip of the fruit iceberg?

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    Supermarkets and grocery stores these days are keen to expand their collection of fruits as consumers become more knowledgeable. The pulp of the cupuaçu fruit is tasty and smells a bit like banana. Kumquat, with the looks of miniature, oval shaped oranges, kumquats (or cumquat) is a delicious winter citrus fruit. Originating from India and China, the weird looking Buddhas hand doesnt taste as bitter, and is mostly used for zesting and flavoring purposes.

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    Plantains The plantain (or cooking banana ) looks almost exactly like a banana, but it is a different fruit. It may look similar to durian but they are in fact from different families, and luckily, jackfruit doesnt smell as bad as durian does. The evergreen kumquat tree (its actually more of a plant) is native to China and south Asia but has also been introduced to europe and North America. Often sold as dried fruits, longan is a rich source of vitamin c, vitamin B2 and potassium, but its also high in calories.

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